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These pages serve as a reference to the board configurations used throughout the three years on Press Your Luck, as well as its prequel Second Chance, and its remake on GSN, Whammy! This site is divided into four sections:

[Welcome] This section (where you are now) contains general news and information about the site. In addition to this Welcome Page, there is an Update History with a list of all the updates made to this site, and a Site Help page that explains the conventions used on this site.
[Press Your Luck] Here you can find the different board configurations used on Press Your Luck during Season 1, Season 2, or Season 3.
[Whammy!] Here you can find the different board configurations used on Whammy! during Season 1, or Season 2.
[Special] Some board configurations don't fit well on their main pages. This section holds the misfits from Second Chance, Press Your Luck, and Whammy!, as well as some in-depth articles on sundry topics, all in the Article Index.


Very little information on this website was discovered first-hand. Rather, this website is a compilation of other people's discoveries and hard work. A listing of people and websites responsible for the information is given at the bottom of each page. Be sure to give them a visit!

  • The layout used on these pages was inspired by Jason Wuthrich's Board Configuration Page at Game Show Warehouse. His pages are definitely worth checking out for the comments he's made about each board. I've added my own comments on this site, but his are, in my opinion, much better and more fun to read!
  • The Second Chance thread at
  • Brad Francini's Second Chance page and video at Game Show Central
  • Jason Wuthrich's Second Chance GameControl at Game Show Warehouse
  • Jim Balcerek's PYL Board Changes page, originally hosted at Jim's PYL Slides. Special thanks for his proofreading, and additional information about the pilot and demo boards!
  • Brian Baker, for pointing out some mistakes on the Neon Demo Board.
  • Brad Francini's Whammy! Board page at Game Show Central
  • Jeff Pfeifer, for sharing his inexhaustible encyclopedic knowledge of PYL and Whammy!, including various color and date corrections for PYL, additional information about the Neon Demo Board and the 1988 GameTek PC version of PYL, additional background colors used on Whammy!, the Halloween episode of Whammy!, and probably some other things I overlooked!
  • Brian "Sonic Whammy" Sapinski, for information about the Second Chance light patterns, and explaining how Whammies were added to the Whammy! Early Board. Visit the Second Chance page on his website.
  • Jim Todd, for his research of the background colors and font sizes on Whammy! (Season 1).
  • Barry Wallo, for providing footage of the "Strange Whammy" and the "Ugly Whammy".
  • Brandon Zeigafuse (bmhedgehog), for pointing out and documenting the Austrailian version of PYL.

Recent Updates

February 7, 2008
To those that were actually expecting some news before the site went down: you ought to know better by now. :)

Everything should have survived the move over, but since I don't have any future plans for this site, I've taken down the "How You Can Help" section. The rest of the site will stay up strictly for historical purposes. So, if my resolve doesn't weaken and cause me to go near this website again, this is goodbye. Thanks again to all who have contributed to this website -- it's been a blast.


May 20, 2007
"Update by July," huh? Actually, it shames me that today's small update should have taken place sometime in 2006... The Austrailian boards have now been added to the Special page. Thanks to bmhedgehog for bringing it to my attention!

In other news, this site may be moving. Additional news to follow when it becomes available.

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